Environmental sustainability makes business sense

Environmental sustainability makes business sense

Do you want to build a brand that earns the trust of customers long-term?

In today's business world, it is essential to integrate environmental sustainability into your company's marketing strategy to gain and maintain your customers' confidence. In this workshop, you will get a grasp on:
(1) how to adopt an environmental conscious everyday business operation
(2) how to lead and motivate staff in sustainability
(3) how to manage your energy and resources efficiently
(4) how to communicate your environmental efforts to the world.

Join our interactive session - that will be presented by Daniel Frohnmaier, project manager of START2ACT energy efficiency project - and see how these actions can boost the competitiveness of your business on market!


The event is on 18 April 2019 in Hungary, Budapest at Startup Safari, here you can see the Facebook event as well.

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